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Commercial Solar Car Ports

Turn Your Car Parking Lot into a Primary Energy Source.

Just like conventional covered car parking lots, Solar Car Ports can provide your customers and/or staff member’s cars with additional shelter and protection from the sun, rain, snow, and more... Unlike normal car parking lots, however, Solar Car Ports generates power and provide your business with a way to save on electricity bills.

Solar Power One can custom design and engineer a Solar Car Port for your business, providing your organization with full financial analysis, including pay-back periods and expected annual savings. We’re able to help build your Solar Car Port from scratch or install solar panels on existing structures.

Solar Car Ports - Savings and Practicality


Solar Car Ports can pay for themselves in just two to three years.Advantages of Solar Car Ports, Save on Your Electricity Bill

As the number of car bays goes up, so quickly do your savings. Solar Car Ports can pay for themselves in just two to three years. After your Solar Car Port has paid for itself, it can help completely offset your business’s daytime electricity bill.

Solar energy is officially the most affordable and cleanest form of all renewable energy available in the world. By investing in a Solar Car Ports, your new structure will generate free, clean electricity, which will be discreetly wired into your building. The average solar panel measures around 3.25 feet x 6.42 feet, while the average car space measures around 8.85ft x 16.4ft, each car spot can potentially have around 3kW worth of solar panels. This equates to 4.8MWh worth of electricity per year, generating anywhere from $720 to over $1,000 in savings, per car bay.

  • 1. Attract & Retain
  • 2. Business
  • 3. Future
  • 4. Meter
  • 5. Net Metering

Attract and Retain Clients and/or Staff

Providing undercover car parking attracts and retains customers, offering both greater security and comfort for their shopping experience. The installation of solar panels will visually symbolize your organization’s commitment to sustainable practices, increasing your appeal over competing businesses.

Help Your Business and Help the Environment.

Not only do Solar Car Ports deliver a return on an investment that has been traditionally a non-profit capital expense, but they also help the environment. By offsetting the power you would normally purchase from the grid, your Solar Car Port will drastically minimize your organization’s CO2 emissions.

Embrace the Future.

Solar Power One can install Electric Vehicle Chargers at your chosen car bays, allowing customers and/or employees to charge their vehicles with solar energy.

All households with solar are required to have a bi-directional meter (utility meter), which your electricity retailer will install for you. A bi-directional meter is able to record all the power that is drawn to the house but also record the amount of solar energy that is exported back to the grid. This is called net-metering.

Any unused solar electricity is then sent back to the grid. Exporting solar power back to the grid will earn you a credit on your electricity bill, called a feed-in tariff (FiT). Your electricity bills will then take into account the electricity you purchase from the grid, plus credits for the electricity generated by the solar power system that you don’t use.

Solar Car Ports for Landlords
If you’re the building’s landlord owner, you can install a Solar Car Port and sell the solar electricity your system generates to your tenants at the much lower rate.

A revenue stream becomes available to the landlord owner, as you’re receiving payment for electricity that was essentially free to generate. This revenue can be used to pay off your Solar Car Port, further contribute to a sinking fund, or pay for upgrades to increase the attractiveness of your site.

Shade, Shelter, and Power Your Business with a Solar Carport
If you’re interested in learning more about what investing in a Solar Car Port could do for your business, fill out the form to the right to request a no-obligation callback, or give us a call on 1 833 SOLAR 78

With solar power, you don’t need to switch it on in the morning or switch it off at night – the system will do this seamlessly and automatically. You also don’t need to switch between solar power and the grid, as your solar system can determine when is best to do so based on the amount of energy being consumed in your home. In fact, a solar system requires very little maintenance (as there are no moving parts) which means you’ll hardly know it’s there. This also means a good quality solar power system will last a long time.

Your solar inverter (usually installed in your garage or in an accessible spot), can provide you with information like the amount of electricity being produced at any particular point in time or how much it has generated for the day or in total since it has been operating. Many quality inverters feature wireless connectivity and sophisticated online monitoring.

If it seems complicated, don’t worry, one of Solar Power One expert Energy Consultant will guide you through the process of how solar power works either by phone, email, or via a no-obligation home consultation.

Commercial Solar Free Evaluation

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How it Works

Step 1: Consultation
Solar Power One will analyze your business’s electricity needs and recommend the perfect system size for your consumption profile.

Step 2: Design
Solar Power One will design your Solar Car Port, taking into account shading requirements, how it fits in with your existing structures, and of course, aesthetic appearance.

Step 3: Installation
Construction will begin on your Solar Car Port, with our approved engineers and electricians installing your solar PV system.

Step 4: Ongoing Monitoring
Solar Power One will set up online monitoring, enabling you to check your system is performing as expected.

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