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Solar Commercial Return on Investment

At Solar Power One we treat solar as a financial investment. This means that it needs to deliver investment returns just like any other investment.
And like any investment, when installing solar at your commercial premises you need to consider:

Solar Power-One can provide your business with a customized proposal addressing all these investment considerations. We can even tailor the proposal to the specific requirements of your Board or Investment Committee including examples of how other businesses have made successful investments in solar power.

Solar Power-One has provided many businesses (large and small) with financial data to make a clear informed investment decision on installing solar power at their commercial property. Of course, installing solar is good for the environment but it needs to meet the investment criteria set by your business.

Solar Power System Return on Investment


Investing in Solar Power System brings many benefits.Generating Solar Energy is Absolutely Free!

The most important benefit of considering, exploring, and installing solar panels system is it's benefits and return on investment.
The capital outlay
The investment yield
The ongoing security of that yield
The payback period
The Net Present Value (NPV) of the investment
Depreciation from a tax perspective
Any ancillary benefits
Funding options

Commercial Solar Free Evaluation

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How it Works

Step 1: Consultation
Solar Power One will analyze your business’s electricity needs and recommend the perfect system size for your consumption profile.

Step 2: Design
Solar Power One will design your Solar Car Power System, taking into account shading requirements, how it fits in with your existing structures, and of course, aesthetic appearance.

Step 3: Installation
Construction will begin on your Solar Power System, with our approved engineers and electricians installing your solar PV system.

Step 4: Ongoing Monitoring
Solar Power One will set up online monitoring, enabling you to check your system is performing as expected.

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